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Headway – Conversation Group.

During the same week as the school assemblies, me and Jen were invited by the clients at Headway to attend one of their conversation groups to talk about the whole story behind Smile.

To have the brain-injured clients ask me to talk to them about what had happened for me to sustain a brain-injury was quite a big deal to me – they obviously were interested in how far I had come since I had received the brain-injury in 2000.

The main reason I was looking forward to giving this talk at Headway was that I hoped it would help the clients realise that even though they may struggle with certain aspects of life, there can still be many positive options and choices that they can take to improve their way of life, and that there are always reasons to Smile.

The conversation group was different to talks we had given before at the Smile Launch Party & assemblies at my secondary school; this was more relaxed and less formal.

We were sat at a table with all the Headway clients and staff sat around the table, ready to listen to what me and Jen had to say.

I still felt quite nervous although not as much as at the other events – I felt happy and privileged as well to be informing other brain-injury sufferers of my success.

All of the people at Headway were very polite and listened very well to what I said – I mentioned about how my brain injury had been caused, what I had struggled with because of the brain injury, and also about help and support I had received over the years to improve my way of life.

Some of the Headway clients then expressed how they had dealt with a brain injury, and what problems they had encountered as a result of it.

I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this Headway conversation group – it helped me to understand different impacts of a brain injury, for example short-term memory loss, and health and safety risks. Also, to be talking to other people who had received a similar injury as I did and that had to do the same kind of rehabilitation as I did, inspired me even more to try to raise as much help and awareness for Brain Injury as possible.

We have been working very closely with Headway to raise as much as possible for the brilliant work they do. We are continuing to do as much as we can to improve the lives of other Brain Injury sufferers.



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