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Raising money for Brain Injury

Fundraising Assemblies July 2011

In July, me and Jen were invited to my secondary school to give assemblies about Smile and encourage staff and pupils to buy a single to help raise money for my chosen charities – The Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases-Rehabilitation Unit in Bath and Headway-Swindon.

As soon as I received the news that I would be talking to pupils at my secondary school about my experience with my song, my heart started beating very fast. I was so nervous but at the same time rather excited to be getting the opportunity to return back to my secondary school to tell the staff and pupils about my song Smile – the project I have been working on for the past couple of years.

Going into school on the day of our first assembly (Monday), I was feeling very nervous about the fact that I would be stood in front of all the pupils talking about my project – just like speakers used to stand in front of me when I was a pupil at the school. The pupils would be looking up to me and giving opinions on what I was saying, this was added pressure to me as I needed to make sure everything I said made sense and that I covered everything I wanted to say.

Luckily, all 4 of our assemblies seemed to go very well – we were introduced to the pupils by one of my ex-teachers, and then it was mine and Jen’s turn to talk. Jen began by talking to the pupils about what a Brain Injury is and how someone can receive one. Also, she emphasised the fact that a Brain Injury can be sustained from something as small as someone falling over to something as serious as someone being involved in a road traffic accident. I then explained about how I sustained a brain injury and what rehabilitation I have been receiving since – the song-writing workshop being one method of my rehabilitation. My music video was shown and to end the assemblies, we asked the pupils to each donate a small amount.

My aim of doing these assemblies was to inspire the pupils to be more creative and to have them understand that if they really work hard at something and are determined to be successful, then anything is possible. Also during the assemblies, I was hoping to raise awareness for other sufferers of Brain Injury, and to encourage the pupils to donate to my chosen charities by downloading Smile.

After a week of assemblies at the school, I believe both myself and Jen were very happy with the outcome. The pupils have all been very supportive, and the school managed to raise a grand total of £105.00 for the supported charities.

I’d just like to say a huge thank-you to all of the staff and pupils at the school, especially to Mrs. Hills for all her hard work and to Mr. Bole who provided technical support.

Thank you everyone at Warneford!!


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